Alumni USC Indonesia


In 2008 the president of AUSCI (Alumni USC Indonesia) Mr. Holip Soekawan, a long term friend of our founder decided that he wants to live longer and healthier to be with his children and family. Holip a non runner started his training and participated in the First Bali Marathon 2008, furthermore he decided to run for a good cause, so together with  with fellow USC Alumni we raised fund for a library funding per km run.  Despite a  leg cramp early in the race at km 7 Holip was able to finish his first full marathon. 

Following to Mr Holip’s marathon fund raising, the executive committee of AUSCI decided to hold the first Charity Gala dinner with portion of the tickets and auction proceed donated to Kinar Pustaka Foundation to build more libraries. The first partnership of AUSCI – WIJABA – and Kinar Pustaka Foundation was formed. The result of the 1st AUSCI Gala dinner under the leadership of Miss Vanessa Hendriadi ** as the event committee chairwoman was :

AUSCI was able to raise enough capital for 20 libraries built in Sidoarjo East Java and to be commissioned by Prof. James Owens (USC) and his WIJABA foundation.  Another note was the committee was able to donate 100% of the tickets proceed of the evening, which meant they have raised more funding for the cost of the event.

The 2nd AUSCI Gala dinner was held the following year 2010 this time under the leadership of Miss Vanessa Hendriadi as the event chairperson the result was another 20** libraries funding raised and to be built in Padang (West Sumatera)

Following the Libraries the ‘Cerdas Bang (Cerdas Bangsa) or Make our nation smarter program was born as the brain child of Mr Holip the AUSCI president and In 2016, through various programs mainly form USC Alumns donation & participation, the AUSCI ‘Cerdas Bang’& Kinar Pustaka Foundation program has been able to build (32)* libraries in Central Java, East Java and West Sumatera.

Bpk Holip Soekawan, President of Alumni USC Indonesia (AUSCI) opening one of the libraries funded by AUSCI