Bali Organic Program

PT.Bali Organik Internasional (BOI) & Bali Organic Association (BOA)

With the growing awareness on the environment and the harm of biological harm of pesticides Kinar Pustaka Foundation started the ‘Organic Rice Farming’ initiatives on the Tabanan Land. In Desa Megati we were connected to Prof. Ni Luh Kartini the chairwoman of Bali Organic Association to help us develop the land since 2013. Three years later in 2016 our Tabanan land is declared ‘Organic’ or Pesticide free , confirmed with the growth of worms inside the land.

Since 2012, PT. Bali Organik Internasional (BOI) & Bali Organic Association (BOA) have created strategic partnership to distribute BOA products and also to increase the awareness of pesticides free farm produce. We have produce Bali organic rice and essential oil.

BOA was founded as non profit organization in July 2005 by Prof. Ni Luh Kartini, a Professor of soil and agriculture at Udayana
University in Bali. She started this organization informally with a group people since early 1990 to preserve and protect the
Balinese culture, heritage and environment. They worked together with Balinese farming community, community leaders, and
social foundations to promote organic farming in Bali.